School will be closed to all pupils and students from 12.00 on Friday 19 July for the summer break. Thank you.

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Suggestions for things that you can be doing over the summer

The news – think about different types of sources, do stories conflict? Why? How can we decide what is true and what isn’t?

Reflect on you own experiences of studying History. What historical topics have you got a personal interest in? What would you like to explore in more depth? This is useful as your coursework in Year 12 will be based on a research area of your choice.

Explore other subjects...

Continuing to study over the summer will help you to build on all of the study habits that you have developed over the past couple of years. It’s going to help you with things like being organised, time management and being self-disciplined, which are all essential study habits – no matter what subjects you choose to study next year.

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Liam Dwyer, Assistant Vice Principal: Sixth Form