Our Team

Rethinking education,
helping tomorrow’s minds flourish

Our aim is to create a space for you to do the best work you’ve ever done as an educator; a School where every member of our community can truly flourish. We are fortunate to have a team of inspiring staff, who are brought together by our mission to make real progress every day to build better communities, and a better world.

Visual & Creative Arts

Ms J Quinn – Director of Visual & Creative Arts

Ms C Branch – Sujbect Leader for Food & Nutrition

Mrs V Clarke

Mrs A Graham – Year 9 Leader

Mr J Piggott


Dr C Bownes – Subject Leader & Associate Senior Leader

Miss M Barton

Mrs C Buffery

Miss N Shafiq – Year 10 Leader

Mrs K Smithson

Business Studies

Miss D McFarquhar – Subject Leader

Mr L Dwyer – Senior Assistant Vice Principal


Miss S Heath – Subject Leader

Mrs R Ahmad

Ms J Howard – Year 7 Leader

Dr J McCreary

Dr W Smith

Computing & Technology

Mr A Hamflett – Director of Computing & Technology

Miss A Kazi

Mrs A Nithiananthan

Mrs J Farouk

Mr O Tsang


Ms S Astley – Subject Leader

Mr O Souza Faria – Second in English

Miss S Barrington – Assistant Vice Principal

Mr K Cobane

Mrs E Dixon

Ms E Jones

Miss K Lockett

Mrs H Maclean

Ms H Powell

Ms F Seera

Mr L Sheldon

Ms E Venables-Wood

Mr S Washbrook – Deputy Leader of Sixth Form


Mr G Jackson – Subject Leader

Miss C Exton – Assistant Vice Principal

Miss H Zulfiqar


Mr J Ward – Subject Leader

Miss E Billington

Miss E Holmes – Year 11 Leader & Designated Teacher in Charge of Children in Care

Ms M Spink


Mrs L Holleran – Subject Leader

Mrs L Diprose

Ms C Haley – Assistant Vice Principal

Miss E Hemraj

Mrs I Lamarkbi

Miss E Le Roux

Ms S Powell


Ms G Pritty – Subject Leader

Ms A Lawlor Kennedy – Second in Mathematics

Mr K Akmal

Miss A Anish

Mr C Clarke

Mr K Cobane

Mr C Daniels

Mr A Gameson

Mr M Guler

Mr J Holland

Miss E Markman-Morris

Mrs H Tucker


Ms C Seall – Subject Leader

Ms R Kalsi

Physical Education

Mr J Bennett – Associate Senior Leader & Subject Leader

Ms R Dunne – Year 8 Leader & Leader for DofE

Mr R Elsmore

Mr M Stocker


Mr R Campbell – Subject Leader

Ms W Glover

Miss E Iboro Offong

Dr S Kessari


Ms E Billington – Subject Leader

Mr A Reeves – Senior Assistant Vice Principal

Religious Studies

Miss H Moore – Subject Leader

Miss S Clarke

Mrs A Saif

Social Sciences

Miss J Winwood – Subject Leader

Ms J Green

Teaching-Related Staff

Mrs R Ahmad – Cover Supervisor

Ms K Astley – Targeted Intervention Assistant

Mr L Beddow – Assistant SENDCO

Miss L Denning – Targeted Intervention Assistant

Ms A Di’lorio – Targeted Intervention Assistant

Mrs M Dimmock – Senior Cover Supervisor

Miss L Glynn – Targeted Intervention Assistant

Mr D Hale – Learning Coach

Ms C Harhen – Targeted Intervention Assistant

Ms C Hirst – Targeted Intervention Assistant

Ms J Huang – Targeted Intervention Assistant

Ms L Kambanis – Targeted Intervention Assistant

Ms S Khaliq – Targeted Intervention Assistant

Ms A Kyriacou – Learning Coach

Miss S Mahay – Cover Supervisor

Ms H Melhado – Targeted Intervention Assistant

Ms G Peters – Targeted Intervention Assistant

Mrs O Sotonwa – Targeted Intervention Assistant

Mr T Whitehorn – Targeted Intervention Assistant

Mr A Williams – Targeted Intervention Assistant

Pastoral Staff

Ms C Heard – Safeguarding Manager

Ms K Shaw – School Counsellor

Miss P Greaves – Family Support Worker

Mr C Szczepanski – Pupil Pastoral Manager for Year 7

Miss D Richards – Pupil Pastoral Manager for Year 8

Mrs S Stewart – Lead Pupil Pastoral Manager & PPM for Year 9

Miss N Harper – Pupil Pastoral Manager for Year 10

Miss K Asghar – Pupil Pastoral Manager for Year 11

Mrs S Drubhra – Pupil Pastoral Manager for Year 12 & 13

Ms C Payne – Pupil Pastoral Manager for Year 12 & 13

Professional Services

Mr D Ahmed – ICT Network Manager

Ms J Bradshaw – Biology Technician

Ms A Cosimetti – PA to the Principal

Mrs S Giles – Site Manager

Ms I Gunarwardena – Examinations & Data Processing Officer

Mrs D Gupta – SEND Administrative Assistant

Mr P Hayes – Music & PE Technician

Mr A Hoye – Site Manager

Mr S Huckstep – Careers Education, Information, Advice, & Guidance (CEIAG) Manager

Mrs L James – Pastoral Administrative Assistant

Mrs N Lawson-Hollingsworth – Enrichment Officer

Miss J Lee – DT Technician

Ms S Lee – Sixth Form Admissions & Administration Officer

Mr T Lynock – Facilities Assistant

Miss S McKenzie – Attendance Officer

Ms H Middleton – Learning Resources Officer

Miss E Mitchell Finnigan – Art Technician

Miss A Nawaz – Marketing, Communications & Content Officer

Mr U Qadir – IT Apprentice

Ms N Steadman – DT Technician

Ms K Tennant – School Business Officer

Mrs E Williams – Finance Officer