Expectations & Standards

Striving to make the right choices, at the right times.

At University of Birmingham School we have the highest of expectations for every member of our School community – pupils, students, and staff. We base our expectations on character virtues and these are expanded upon during our character education lessons during our Learning for Life (L4L) programme. We hold every member of our School community to the highest of standards, including in lessons, during unstructured time, and when out in the community. Our School day is structured around clear routines for our pupils, to ensure our School is calm, and learning can be effective and purposeful.

We expect pupils to strive to make the right choices at all times, to show compassion and empathy for others, and recognise that whilst we are all uniquely different, we all deserve to be treated with respect. We expect honesty and integrity, and we expect self-discipline and determination. We will always expect the best of behaviour at all times, and repeatedly remind our pupils to be ‘their best selves’.

We show this in our attitudes to each other and to our learning, by saying ‘thank you’ and practising gratitude, by holding doors open for each other and taking turns, and by wearing our uniform correctly, and with pride.

We expect pupils to come to School fully prepared to learn and engage with a rigorous and challenging day, developing the right habits of mind to learn and progress and every opportunity. We expect all members of our School community to engage fully with all aspects of the School, be it our academic lessons, enrichment programme, L4L, programme of wider School activities, as well as everyday activities such as our shared dining experience.

We also expect our pupils to respect the fabric of the School building, and play their part in making sure it is able to service generations of pupils to come. This includes clearing away after themselves after they have eaten and making sure that the School building, playground, and School grounds remain litter free. Parents and carers can also see when their child is and is not making the right decisions through our Class Charts online system and phone app.

It is really important that pupils know when they are doing the right thing through kind words, praise, and communication. Our centralised behaviour systems allow staff to reward pupils who do the right thing each day, and to celebrate those who go above and beyond our everyday expectations.

When mistakes are made we need pupils to be clear about what’s gone wrong and the impact it has had, reflect on different choices they could have made, and think about what they would do differently next time. We will challenge everything, however small, so the pupils quickly understand our expectations of them. We will remind them regularly of our expectations and we will expect every pupil to attempt to meet them, every single day.

Our high standards and expectations are linked to our desire for all pupils and students to develop into flourishing, active citizens, and the School’s commitment to prepare them for the challenges that lie ahead.