Year 7 and 11-16 Admissions

Our Nodal System: University of Birmingham School, we aim to create a diverse learning community that helps to address the needs of a rapidly growing city by admitting people from across Birmingham. We don’t have a specific ‘catchment area’ as we operate a nodal system, taking pupils from four different locations across Birmingham.

A node is a central point, determined by co-ordinates on a map, and not a postcode area, from which measurements will begin. Our nodes are the main reception entrance to the School, and the entrance to the railway stations in Hall Green, the Jewellery Quarter and Small Heath.

The expected number of students admitted from each node, per year, is:

· University of Birmingham School main entrance – up to 75 pupils (50%)

· Hall Green Station – up to 25 pupils (16.7%)

· Jewellery Quarter Station – up to 25 pupils (16.7%)

· Small Heath Station – up to 25 pupils (16.7%)

Distance will be calculated by Birmingham City Council as a straight line measurement between the applicant’s home and the main entrance of the nearest node (as the crow flies). In the event that a tie break situation occurs for the distance criteria, a random allocation tie break will be used.

If you want to find out the distance between the coordinates of your home address and a specific nodal point, please contact Birmingham City Council School Admissions. Places will be offered based on the shortest distance.

The furthest distance admitted from the following nodes in 2023 were as follows:

  • UoB School main entrance: 1092m.
  • Hall Green Station: 2264m.
  • Jewellery Quarter Station: 916m.
  • Small Heath Station: 1357m.
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