Rethinking education,
helping tomorrow’s minds flourish

Drawing upon our close links with the University of Birmingham and their worldleading research and resources, exploring best practices, and combining our own diverse experience in education, we’re setting an example of what’s truly possible for secondary school education – one that gives character as much attention as academics.

By continually innovating, welcoming challenges, and staying infinitely curious, we’ll see our school and our region recognised around the world for creating better schools, better citizens, and better communities.

Together, we’ll flourish.

Sixth Form Application Deadline: 28 January 2018

Entry Requirements

With a focus on character education, a close partnership with the world-class University of Birmingham, inspiring and highly qualified teachers, a supportive School environment, and over 70 enrichment options to take part in, the University of Birmingham School Sixth Form offers a truly distinctive experience at this important stage of your life. Find out more about our entry requirements.


The University of Birmingham School offers a traditional academic curriculum in the Sixth Form; we want our students to have the widest range of options when they consider their next steps into employment or higher education so our curriculum is based around the ‘facilitating subjects‘ recommended by the Russell Group of leading UK universities. Read more about our subjects here.

Our students describe the Sixth Form at the University of Birmingham School.

Student Life