Character Education

The Building Blocks of Character.

At UoB School we demonstrate our commitment to Character Education and human and societal flourishing through:

  • Our taught Personal Learning and Development curriculum;
  • Working towards character infusing our taught academic curriculum;
  • Timetabled enrichment for all children and adults;
  • Employing staff who themselves have demonstrated dedication to Character Education;
  • Endeavouring to be an organisation that role models this dedication in our interactions with our classrooms and communities.

If you’d like to learn more about Character Education, you can sign up to take part in an online course run by the Jubilee Centre for Character and Education and FutureLearn.

Moral virtues

Those which enable us to respond well to situations in any area of experience


courage; compassion for others; gratitude; justice; honesty; humility/modesty; self-discipline; tolerance; respect; integrity

Civic virtues

Those necessary for engaged and responsible citizenship


service; neighbourliness; citizenship; community awareness and spirit; volunteering; social justice

Performance virtues

Behavioural skills and psychological capacities that enable us to put the other virtues into practice


resilience; perseverance; grit and determination; leadership; teamwork; motivation/ambition; confidence

Intellectual virtues

Those required for the pursuit of knowledge, truth and understanding


reflection; focus; critical thinking; reason and judgement; curiosity; communication; resourcefulness; open-mindedness

Practical Wisdom / Good Sense / Phronesis

Knowing what to want when the demands of two or more virtues collide.

Flourishing individuals and society

A film about Character Education made by The Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues