Half Term Break

School will be closed to all pupils and students between Monday 27 – Friday 31 May. To return on Monday 03 June.

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Beginning a new chapter

Deciding where to send your child for secondary school, or where to go for Sixth Form can be a big choice. We hope to provide you with the information that helps you decide if the University of Birmingham School is right for you.

We hold open events each Autumn, where you are invited to take a look around, and meet our community.

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Applying to Sixth Form

With a focus on character education, a close partnership with the world-class University of Birmingham, inspiring and highly qualified teachers, a supportive School environment, and over 70 enrichment options to take part in, the University of Birmingham School Sixth Form offers a truly distinctive experience at this important stage of your life.

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Character Education

The habits that children learn and practice when they are growing up follow them through into adulthood; imagine how the world would be if children developed habits of courage, justice and integrity. We believe that just as a school can be a place to teach a child to read and write, a school can be a place where a child practices gratitude, curiosity and humility. Read more here.

Together, we’ll flourish.