School will be closed to all pupils and students from 12.00 on Friday 19 July for the summer break. Thank you.

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Rethinking education,
helping tomorrow’s minds flourish

Drawing upon our partnership with the University of Birmingham and their world-leading research and best-practice resources, focusing on learning without limits, and combining our own diverse experience in education, we’re setting an example of what’s truly possible for secondary school education – one that gives character development as much attention as academic success.

By continually innovating, welcoming challenges, and staying infinitely curious, we’ll see our school and our region recognised around the world for creating better schools, better citizens, and better communities.

Together, we’ll flourish.

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Our Expectations

At University of Birmingham School, we have the highest of expectations for every member of our school community – pupils, students and staff. We base our expectations on character virtues and these are expanded upon during our character education lessons during L4L. We expect pupils to strive to make the right choices at all times; to show compassion and empathy for others and recognise that whilst we are all uniquely different, we all deserve to be treated with respect.

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A University School

The University of Birmingham School is the first secondary University Training School (UTS) in the UK. We have a broad and deep relationship with the world-class University of Birmingham. University of Birmingham School is fortunate to have strong links with the University of Birmingham to enhance the delivery of our curriculum and our enrichment activities, through access to both physical and intellectual resources.

Together, we’ll flourish.