Our School Day

An Extended School Day.

The School has an extended School day, which allows plenty of time to deliver a broad curriculum and an extensive programme of Character Education and enrichment.

Travel to and from School

Demand has been high for a dedicated bus service for the School since we opened, but while we were still in the early years of our growth, there were not enough children travelling to School to make this a commercial reality for the local bus companies. However, the Green Bus Company has informed us that it has re-designed its 882 service to now include the School, which means some parents / carers may find it is an option for their son or daughter to get to and from school.

The full details and route map can be found on the website of the Green Bus Company and passes for next academic year can now be bought online. Please do be aware that this service will not begin until September 2018. The route will pass through Hockley, Small Heath and Hall Green, before travelling onto Selly Oak and the School. This service also serves King Edward Five Ways School. It will stop outside UoB School at 7.55am, and depart at 4.20pm.

Together, we’ll flourish.