Together, we’re pioneering a school for a truly diverse and inclusive student community that creates great citizens.

Our Vision & Ethos

Spring term 2019

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18.02.19 - 22.02.19

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Rethinking education,
helping tomorrow’s citizens flourish.

Drawing upon our partnership with the University of Birmingham and their world-leading research and best-practice resources, focusing on learning without limits, and combining our own diverse experience in education, we’re setting an example of what’s truly possible for secondary school education – one that gives character development as much attention as academic success.

No school is perfect, but by continually innovating, welcoming challenges, and staying infinitely curious, we’ll see our school and our region recognised around the world for creating better schools, better citizens, and better communities.

Together, we’ll flourish.

Our Sixth Form

As students progress into the Sixth Form at the University of Birmingham School, we want to inspire and guide you in the development of your character.

Exploring the specific issues that confront everyone making the transition from late childhood to young adulthood, we provide opportunities to take greater personal responsibility and to continue to grow into authentic freedom.

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A School For Everyone

We’re proud to be a truly diverse and inclusive comprehensive school and sixth form. Our students are welcomed from all corners of Birmingham, which makes our student community truly reflective of our city.

By bringing students from different backgrounds together, we give our students the opportunity to learn earlier in life that the world is full of different people, cultures and attitudes, which helps to build great character and more rounded citizens.

I feel grateful to be here in such a wonderful school. I have good teachers that support me, and I’ve made a whole bunch of amazing friends.

Pupil at UoBS

Welcome from our Principal,
Colin Townsend.

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Our core purpose is to develop the character of our children – their personal qualities, or virtues – so they can go on and become happy, engaged, fulfilled citizens.

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What's On
Year 9 Pathways evening
Year 9 Pathways evening


5.30pm - 6.30pm

12 Weoley Park Road, B29 6QU

Opportunity for parents and carers to find out more about the options process, as their child begins to consider options for Key Stage 4 in Year 10.

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Year 8 Parents’ Evening
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Year 8 Parents’ Evening


5pm- 7.30pm

Parents and carers of pupils in Year 8 are invited to come to discuss their child’s progress with their teachers.

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