Our Library

Why is reading so important?

We are passionate about reading here at University of Birmingham School. We have a well-resourced library open at break and lunch times, where you can borrow books, sit and read and complete your homework.

In everything you do, you need to be able to read. The more you can read, the more of the world you can access. It is through reading that we learn about the world we live in: about other cultures and places, people and what they have done, events both past and present. Books open up different worlds to us; places we simply cannot visit.

“Reading gives us some place to go when we have to stay where we are.” Mason Cooley.

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Current Library Services

Since April 2021 we have been offering a ‘click and collect’ service, book deliveries to form rooms, a ‘personal shopper’ book suggestion service, and a mobile book trolley. You can also make the most of our fantastic e-book platform, Sora, to access e-books and audiobooks from home.

“When we read together, we connect. Together, we see the world. Together, we see one another.”

Kate DiCamillo