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International Day of Women & Girls in Science Competition

To celebrate International Day of Women & Girls in Science, the Physics team are running a competition for you to make the best poster, presentation, video or any other form of media about a famous female physicist or engineer. You can do your own research to learn more about them, including using webpages and YouTube videos. There are a few physicists on this BBC news article you could research, or you can select someone else. You may find some inspiration on our social media pages too!

Green stamps will be rewarded to anyone who enters, and the winner(s) will be the pupil(s) who make the most informative and well-presented poster, video or other media. The information must be in your own words and not just copied and pasted. Please make sure the information below is included in your entry:

  • A photo or drawing of the scientist and background information about them.
  • A description of what they do or what they have discovered and what impact this has had on the scientific world/society.

Please email any entries to Mr Campbell by the end of the day on Tuesday 23 February and the winners will be selected that week. Best of luck!

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