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Our Brilliant Scholars Graduates

Congratulations to our Year 12 students who recently graduated from the Brilliant Club Scholars Programme at the University of Bath.

This program offers a unique opportunity for students to engage in university-style learning guided by PhD tutors. It’s inspiring to see 14 A level students delve into the project ‘Who Are We? An Archaeological Approach to Identity’, where they honed their research and academic writing skills under the mentorship of PhD researchers. This experience not only expands their knowledge but also prepares them for the transition to university post-sixth form.

Participating in the Scholars Programme enabled students to enhance their critical thinking abilities through various tasks, culminating in a final assignment of 2,500 words, assessed with university grading standards. The dedication and effort these students put into their projects exemplify their commitment to academic excellence and personal growth.

As the partnership with the Brilliant Club continues, the upcoming recruitment drive for new applicants promises more opportunities for students to embark on this enriching academic journey. Here’s to the bright futures ahead for these talented scholars!

Brilliant Scholars Club Graduates: Achent S, Nasra A, Tabassum S, Deena A, Hibbah B, Urjuwaan H, Hafsa I, Dominic O, Sofia T, Zaara B, Safwaan A, Francesca T, Umez A, Jacob R.

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