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Year 13 Aspire Group

The Aspire Group is a Sixth Form initiative to support Year 13 students who are aiming to apply for competitive universities or have the academic prowess to apply. It aims to provide a platform for students to further nurture and enhance their academic knowledge, critical thinking, and communication skills.

The sessions so far have focussed on academic discussion and on wider reading on topics they have a particular interest in. Students then get the chance to present the information to their peers. This approach not only allows students to delve deeper into topics that intrigue them, but also encourages them to share their own insights, promoting a culture of learning and exchanging of ideas.

By nurturing these skills in a supportive environment like the Aspire Group, students are better equipped to excel in their academic pursuits when applying to university and beyond.

Image: Year 13 students present their research on Rocket Fuel.

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