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A fascinating insight into the heart of the UK’s political system

The annual visit to the Houses of Parliament is an incredibly enriching experience for our Year 12 A level Politics students. It provides a unique opportunity for students to gain practical insights into the political world beyond what textbooks can offer. Exploring Westminster Hall and the Supreme Court gave them a first-hand look at the historical and judicial significance of these institutions, bringing their learning to life in a tangible way. These experiences not only enhance the curriculum but also inspire students to engage more deeply with the subject matter, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation for the complexities of politics and governance. Meeting political figures Lord Russell of Liverpool and MP Steve McCabe offered students a glimpse into the inner workings of the political world and the opportunity to ask questions.

Such initiatives broaden students’ horizons, encouraging them to think critically, ask probing questions, and develop a nuanced understanding of the political landscape. Overall, these experiences play a vital role in shaping informed, engaged, and socially conscious individuals who are prepared to navigate the complexities of the modern world.

Find out more about our A level Politics course and our A level curriculum here.

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