Hardik Singh

Student Stands as Candidate for Youth Parliament

I received the opportunity to stand as a candidate for member of the Youth Parliament (MYP) with the Birmingham Youth City Board – a group dedicated to empowering young people in Birmingham. Many regions have similar youth boards and hold elections for the UK Youth Parliament. These elections provide young people with the chance to represent their peers and advocate for important issues on a national level. It’s a great way for young people to get involved with politics and make a difference in their communities.

In order to stand as a candidate in most regions, you have to be a member of a youth board and present your manifesto to the board members. In the two years that I have served as a MYP for Birmingham, I have worked on multiple issues and campaigns including free school meals and voting at 16, working with local groups and councils to discuss issues affecting Birmingham youth. I have liaised with civil servants from various government departments and I have worked with the West Midlands Police. I was able to provide input on policing strategies and community engagement initiatives.

The highlight of my term as a MYP has been the opportunity to speak at the dispatch box at the House of Commons which was aired live on BBC Parliament and on YouTube. I also attended annual conferences allowing me to network with other MYPs and gain a better understanding of the youth perspective on a national level.

Citizenship education is critical for young people because it provides them with the knowledge, skills, and values required for active participation in society. Young people become more empowered and involved citizens as they learn about their rights, responsibilities, and democratic procedures that control their lives. Citizenship education promotes critical thinking, social responsibility, and respect for diversity, encouraging young people to make constructive contributions to their communities and advocate for social change. It promotes democratic principles and global awareness, preparing individuals to make educated decisions, respect others, and work towards a more inclusive and fair society.

By Hardik S, Sixth Form Student.

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