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Pupil Leadership roles shaping the future…

The habits that children learn and practise when they are growing up follow them through into adulthood; imagine how the world would be if children developed habits of courage, justice and integrity. We believe that just as a school can be a place to teach a child to read and write, a school can be a place where a child practises responsibility, gratitude, kindness, and humility.

Pupil leadership roles help shape the character education that takes place within our School. By providing pupils with such responsibilities, we are enabling the leaders of the future, rethinking education, and helping tomorrow’s citizens flourish.

The aim of our latest pupil leadership role of Transition Leader, is to enable pupils to actively support and welcome our new Year 7 pupils in September 2021. Transition Leaders will help welcome and support pupils into our School, lead and plan specific activities throughout the year, and provide support alongside our other pupil and student leadership teams. Our Transition Leaders will be a source of help for pupils, become role models for all year groups, and represent our School accordingly.

A number of our current Year 7 pupils applied for this position and were interviewed by UoB School staff. We are delighted to announce that eighteen pupils were successful and have been appointed as our new Pupil Transition Leaders. Congratulations to you all and we look forward to working with you in the new school year.

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