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Physics Teaching Network

Physics is a fascinating subject, but it can be challenging to teach, especially for non-specialist teachers. Unfortunately, many schools do not have access to specialist physics teachers, leaving many teachers to work in isolation without anyone to share ideas with. Moreover, non-specialists may have to teach physics up to A level, without any support in school. The Birmingham Physics Teaching Network (in partnership with The Ogden Trust) has been organised by Mr Campbell (Subject Leader for Physics at UoB School) to address this issue.

These events provide a friendly space for physics teachers, both specialist and non-specialist, to exchange ideas and share good practice. The goal is for attendees to take back these ideas to their respective schools to improve the quality of physics teaching across the city. Department leaders can also participate and share the learned knowledge with other teachers in their department.

This sharing of knowledge can help bridge the gap between specialist and non-specialist physics teachers, leading to a more collaborative and supportive teaching environment. Staff can improve their teaching methods and ultimately provide a better learning experience for their pupils.

100% of participants who attended said they found the sessions useful and would continue to attend future workshops.

Feedback from participants so far:

“Talking to other teachers and seeing new practical ideas was really useful.”

“The atmosphere was lovely and it was great to share ideas with other physics staff.”

“I feel a lot more confident delivering electricity practical work now.”

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