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PhoneSmart Licence

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What is the PhoneSmart Licence?

We know that getting your child their first phone can be a big moment. They’re about to enter a wonderful, but sometime worrying new world. That’s why EE have partnered with child experts and charities to create the PhoneSmart Licence. It’s a fun, interactive and educational course to help kids learn how to stay safe and be kind online, and to encourage them to use their phones for good, not hate.

The PhoneSmart course is split into five episodes, where your kids can follow four engaging young characters as they get their first phones and embark on their online adventures. Each episode covers key aspects of online behaviour, from cyberbullying to fake news and has fun quizzes, interactive elements and pop-up facts to help your kid learn vital online do’s and don’t’s.

And as a parent, or guardian, you also get your own Dashboard. A place you can easily log in to check on your child’s progress, follow the Episodes they are doing and get extra support and resources. You can always access your Dashboard from the navigation at the top of the page.

With every completed episode, your child will earn a sticker. Once they’ve collected all five, they will have earned their PhoneSmart Licence and can download and print it off.

Who is PhoneSmart Licence for?

PhoneSmart has been created for kids, age 10-13, who have just received their first smartphone.

It’s also a tool for parent and guardians to help gauge their child’s readiness for the responsibilities of smartphone ownership, as well as helping to start the bigger conversations about the risks they might face online.

The PhoneSmart Goal

We believe phones should be used for good, not hate so we want to help parents to empower their children with the knowledge and skills they need to stay safe and happy online.

Why EE and Internet Matters?

Internet Matters are committed to supporting parents and guardians as they teach their children how to become capable digital citizens. They offer the best advice and information available to help you engage in your child’s online life and manage the risks they may face online.

Find out more and get your phone licence here.

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