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National Tutoring Programme

So far, sixty pupils across Years 7 to 10 have benefited by taking part in the National Tutoring Programme. The programme provides additional support to pupils for literacy and numeracy. Pupils have 15 hours worth of support with a specialist tutor in very small groups. The aim is to provide personalised academic support as well as boost self-esteem levels and confidence.

We have been very proud of the engagement of those who have been involved, some of whom have turned up an hour before school whilst others have been logging on to remote sessions during school holidays. We look forward to continuing our work with the tutoring programme and offering this support to even more pupils.

A number of our Year 11 pupils have also been actively engaged in our subject drop-in sessions before and after the school day. These sessions have been offered by our subject teachers to support pupils at such a crucial stage.

In addition to the National Tutoring Programme, the School has also employed an academic mentor in Mathematics. She is currently working with pupils in Years 9, 10, and 11. In total, 62 pupils are receiving additional support in Mathematics through this academic mentoring programme.

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