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National Day of Reflection

On Tuesday 23 March, UoB School will observe a one minute silence at midday to mark the National Day of Reflection of the one year UK lockdown anniversary.

Some of our pupils will be tying yellow ribbons of hope (yellow has been chosen as the colour of hope) and thinking about what we are all grateful for or thinking of someone they wish to remember. Some pupils will be writing poems of hope and others will be planting flowers in memory of those we have lost. We will all spend time thinking about the challenges we may have faced and how hope and gratitude can help us see a positive way forward.

What does it mean to reflect?

Reflection helps us to hold a mirror up to ourselves and our world. Taking a minute or two to stop and reflect can help us connect with how we feel.

Sometimes it’s easy to bottle things up and not really think about how we are feeling. This is a good tactic for getting through things, but every now and again you’ll need to find a way of ‘un-bottling’ so you don’t pop. This can be as simple as recognising how you are feeling or talking to someone about it.

Grief and Loss

There is no right or wrong way to feel grief or loss. It can come in stages and feel like different waves of emotion. You can feel fine, angry, sad, guilty, fearful, lonely or numb – or all of these or none of these. That’s normal.

Coping with grief isn’t about getting rid of these emotions and it is not about learning to forget, or to not feel anything. It’s about living with grief in a way that is manageable.

What can you do to help yourself or someone else if you’re grieving?

  • Talk to other people and be there for each other.
  • Share happy memories you experienced with those you may have lost.
  • If it’s hard to talk to your family or friends, find your PPM or use one of the helplines listed below.
  • Look after yourself. Eat properly and try to rest. Give yourself time and permission to grieve.
  • Ask your friends and family if they are ok and genuinely mean it. Ask twice or three times and listen to them.
  • Show empathy.

Gratitude and Hope

Practising an attitude for gratitude is a really positive way of coping when things feel difficult. It enables us to think more positively about things. It can take time to form habits, but try each day to think of three good things to be grateful for.

A poem by Form Group 7T – Reflection

Remember the days we had to stay at home,

Embrace the consequences,

Face them,

Let yourself feel,

Encourage others to share feelings,

Coronavirus will soon be gone,

Time for hope,



Never give up, never stop hoping.

Bereavement Support

  • Cruse Bereavement Care

0808 808 1677

  • Edward’s Trust

0121 454 1705

  • Marie Curie

0800 090 2309

  • Hope Again

0808 808 1677

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