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School will be closed to all pupils and students on 02.12.21 and 03.12.21 for staff professional days. We will open again on 06.12.21. Thank you

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Parent & Carer Corner
Health & Wellbeing

Keeping your family safe online

At UoB School, we take a proactive approach to educating our pupils and students around online safety and making sensible choices online. A key part of this support is to also share accurate information with families, to support our parents and carers to proactively keep their children safe online.

As part of this commitment to working with families, we will be sharing monthly updates with you, to help support conversations at home around online safety, and provide parents and carers with accurate information about social media, games and other forms of online entertainment.

Online Safety Newsletter – November 2021.

A guide to Parental Controls online.

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