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Not an Offer Holder? There is still time to join our Applicant Pool…

Whilst we have already made Conditional Offers for our Sixth Form places this year, we do know that on GCSE results day some of our existing offer holders may not meet the conditions of their offer or may or may choose to study elsewhere in September. As a result, a limited number of places may become available during our Enrolment period from 24 August 2022.

In order to apply for these last minute places, we invite students who meet our Entry Requirements to visit us during Sixth Form Enrolment on GCSE Results Day, in order to join our Applicant Pool.

Enrolment Times

Pre-Enrolment online from 08.30am
Create (or update) an online application and upload evidence of final GCSE grades to our Application Portal.

Enrolment in school 10.00 – 15.00
Our enrolment staff will meet with applicants to check the uploaded grades, finalise subject choices and answer any questions about studying with us.

Enrolment Guide - Joining our Applicant Pool
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What is the Applicant Pool?

A place in our Applicant Pool means that we will take a copy of your grades and information, so that we may be able to consider your application if a space becomes available in your chosen combination of A-Level subjects, after our initial Offer Holder places have been confirmed.

However, rather than a numerical waiting list where students are ranked, our Applicant Pool places are are offered based on the combination of a number of factors;

Capacity in chosen A-Level classes
Capacity of overall Sixth Form places
Our priority admissions criteria (see below)

Effectively, this means that an offer can only be made if we have spaces available in all three of your chosen A-Level subjects AND we have not already filled to our overall intake of 200 students.

Priority Criteria

Where multiple applicants are eligible for the same subject combination, priority will be given to applicants in the following order:

1. Looked-after children or children who were previously looked-after
2. Candidates with either an Education, Health and Care plan (EHCP) or statement of Special Educational Needs naming the University of Birmingham School
3. Children previously eligible for the Pupil Premium as defined in our Admissions Policy

In the event of two or more applications that cannot otherwise be separated, the School will use random allocation as a tie-break.

For more information view our Sixth Form Admissions Policy

What to do on results day…

Step 1: Collect your GCSE results

However your school are choosing to issue your results this year, you will need to make sure you have received evidence of your achieved grades before applying for a Sixth Form place.
Your grades must meet our Sixth Form Entry Requirements in order for your application to be considered – so please make sure you check these very carefully first to avoid any disappointment!

Please note that we will not be able to consider mock results or previous predicted grades as part of your application.

Step 2: Upload your Grades (Pre-Enrolment)

From 08.30 you will be able to login to our Sixth Form Application Portal, where you will be able to update your application and upload evidence of your achieved qualifications.

  • Previous applicants will need to log in using the email address associated with their original application.
  • New applicants will need to create an account and verify their email address before logging in to complete the Pre-Enrolment form

Visit our Application Portal

Step 3: Sixth Form Enrolment in school

Between 10.00 – 15.00, you will then be able to visit us in person, so that we can discuss your application, finalise your A-Level subject choices and answer any questions that you may have. To support us with managing capacity, if possible please limit guests to one additional parent, family member or friend. Large family groups may be asked to wait outside the school building.

Students who are unable to attend school in person (i.e. due to family vacation) must email ASAP to make a request for Remote Enrolment, so that we can arrange to contact you phone or by email instead if necessary.

Step 4: Processing our Applicant Pool

So long as your grades meet the relevant Entry Requirements, we will be able to continue to hold your application details in our Applicant Pool.

Once all of our existing Offer Holder places have been awarded, we will begin to process our Applicant Pool places. This means that if a space becomes available in your chosen combination of subjects, we may be able to contact you by phone or by email with a sixth form offer.

Typically we will aim to contact applicants with the initial outcome of their application within 24-48 hours, however applications will continue to be held on our system until 30th September.

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Which subjects will have spaces available?

At this stage we do not know exactly how many spaces may become available or which subjects these spaces will be in, as this depends on how many of our existing Offer Holders choose to accept their sixth form place on Thursday 24 August.

However, we do know that typically our most oversubscribed courses are likely to be STEM subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Psychology (as we know that many students are interested in careers within these areas).

This usually means that students who are looking to study a broader range of A-Level subjects, including arts, music, languages or humanities generally will have a higher chance of receiving an offer – as these subjects are more likely to have places available in their classes.