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Celebrating achievement for University of Birmingham School Work Experience Pupils

Pupils gain vital work experience during exciting and innovative week on the Edgbaston University of Birmingham campus.

By designing the curriculum around the development of character, the University of Birmingham School provides opportunities for pupils to reflect on who they are, who they want to be and how they can take greater responsibility to identify a meaningful pathway through life. Year 10 pupils were recently given an opportunity to think more about this as they took part in a week of work experience in partnership with the University of Birmingham.

Pupils were allocated a wide range of placements across the University in Colleges and in Professional Services depending on their interests. Activities including designing marketing campaigns, creating e-resources, designing campus tours, learning about DNA and maintaining grounds and gardens. Others who found their own placements enjoyed their time in retail, childcare and in nursing.

“The best thing about my placement was how challenging it was. The software we had to use was new to me and a little daunting at first, but I managed to pick it up pretty quickly!

“I loved how independent I was able to become, using my own initiative to get tasks done and deliver the work required for my team. I can definitely use this skill with my school work and activities.

“My advice for future pupils taking on work experience would be to simply take on the challenge and embrace the experience. Don’t be hesitant and try your best.” Ben, Year 10 UoB School Student. Placement at Accounting and Finance, University of Birmingham.

Employer and staff feedback has been very positive, “It has been great to see the enthusiasm the pupils bought to the teams at the university and the roles. They have learnt a lot during their week with us and brought a lot of charisma and passion to the role. The pupils have learnt a lot about the university and how it works, and I’m sure it will be very beneficial for their future endeavours.” said Steve Cutler, Deputy Director of Finance at University of Birmingham.

“I feel much more confident now when meeting new people and potentially talking to people I don’t really know. Working here gave me the chance to face certain challenges and overcome them. I really liked the professional environment I was working in.” Tina, Year 10 UoB School Student. Placement at Coss Marketing, University of Birmingham.

“Thank you to the staff at the University for being so welcoming. You were all very accommodating and we appreciate the new information and skills we learnt, which we can now take back with us to use in school and in other areas of our life.” Dominic, Year 10 UoB School Student. Placement at Jubilee Centre, University of Birmingham.

Mrs Lundy, Work Experience Coordinator, was delighted to have visited so many students on placement. Year 10 represented themselves and the school well with their professionalism and positivity.

Work placements provide our students with a wonderful opportunity to think about their character,vital experience, gaining work based skills they can apply to their school work, within their personal life and of course in future work roles.

Colin Townsend, Principal, commented, “Here at University of Birmingham School we nurture knowledge acquisition and academic development, and character and personal development, in equal measure. Employers commonly raise concerns that young people new to work, struggle with personal or inter-personal skills, so I am pleased that our pupils and students have gained a range of positive experiences. We are extremely proud of their achievements this week.”

As part of the School’s careers programme for Sixth Form, Year 12 students were also tasked to find work experience placements. Many students used this opportunity to find experience in career fields that they wish to pursue in the future and potentially study at university. Students gained placements at the QE Hospital, Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health Trust, various dental practices, Mondelez, a stables and a fishery to name a few. This experience will be valuable when pupils start their UCAS applications next academic year.

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