You’re not on your own

“With A levels, it is a huge jump into the deep end from GCSEs, but at no point do you feel like you’re drowning. You know the support is there from the teachers and you’re not on your own. If you need extra support, all the staff work together to always make sure you’re ok. You get as much support as you need but not too much to baby you.”

Amelia Mercer

“It was really nice in Year 12 when we started because everyone was new, so there were no little groups, you had to go and just talk to people. It was really nice to start in that environment, it was like a new beginning for everyone.”

Duncan Miller

“There’s a real community feel here, which I think is greater because we’ve all come from different schools. There are tonnes of opportunities and a lot of independence too. There’s always support if we need it but they let us get on with things and do it our own way. I think the support we get from teachers here is great, there’s always someone you can go to for any kind of issue.”

Saffron Taylor

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