The University of Birmingham School
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Success Stories.

The University of Birmingham School is proud to celebrate the success of all of our students. Whether students decide to continue their academic education at University, join the world of work, or take a road less travelled, we are creating a thriving alumni community, where our students continue to share in the journey of the School.

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Declan Grant 1 590x422
Declan Grant

“I’m happy and surprised with my results! I’m excited about going to Oxford University and the new experiences that will bring, getting to meet everyone. I’m also a bit nervous about the new things, like doing my own laundry and ironing for once!

I’ve loved my time at UoBS. I’ve enjoyed being pushed into new environments, and being out of my comfort zone. The teachers here are so skilled, but they are fun as well. They are more than just teachers, you can have jokes and banter with them, but you know they’ll support you with what you need.”

Going to study Engineering at University of Oxford

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Razchela Padolina 589x340

Razchela Padolina

“Chemistry at UoB was my first choice uni because I really liked the atmosphere and the course structure. I’m really happy that I’ve got a place!

My highlight of UoBSchool has been meeting the teachers, because they helped me decide what I wanted to do. I didn’t know what I wanted to do before I came here, but the teachers have been so helpful in helping me figure it out.”

Going to study Chemistry at University of Birmingham

Anupreet Singh Lohia 589x340

Anupreet Singh Lohia

“I’m really excited about going to Imperial. It’s a very intensive uni and I feel it will really push me. I’m looking forward to the new experiences that university offers.

Being at University of Birmingham School has really opened up opportunities to me to develop my character, to develop myself as a person as well as learning about my subjects. I’ve had so many different types of experiences here, from physics enrichment helping me gain a love for my subject even further, to sports enrichments, where you get to try different sports and spend time with teachers and students who you don’t already know.

My highlight was my first day at UoBSchool. Everyone was new, and everyone was feeling the same. I was worried about A levels and the fact that I didn’t know anyone. But everyone was in the same boat, and within a few days, we’d all begun to settle in.”

Going to study Physics at Imperial College London

Anya Abraham 2 589x340

Anya Abraham

“I’m so excited about going to Manchester! I chose the University because I loved the city of Manchester, it’s a great place with great people. I chose chemical engineering because I enjoyed chemistry and maths, and I didn’t just want to focus on one of them.

I’ve loved my time at UoBSchool. All the people, friends and teachers – everyone is so nice and so supportive.

My highlight was Sports Day last year as well. Everyone all coming together, no one was embarrassed, it was just everyone getting involved having fun.

I’d like to say a big thank you to all of our teachers. They teach us brilliantly, but also treat us like adults and talk to us outside the classroom too.”

Going to study Chemical Engineering at University of Manchester

Imogen Bell 1 589x340

Imogen Bell

“It feels amazing to be going to the University of Creative Arts.I’m really excited about starting my course, because I’ve never studied acting before, so I can’t wait to actually get trained.

The University of Birmingham School has really shaped who I am as a person. The most significant thing is that I’m ten times more confident than I was at my old school. The teachers have really shaped me, and helped bring out who I really am as a person.

When I came here I thought I might want to do something academic, but this School has shown me that you can do whatever you want to do. My teachers in English, RS and art have really helped me to stay true to creativity.

There’s also things here that the teachers talk about and prioritise, like your character, which makes a difference. And things like mental health – they encourage you to put yourself first rather than just prioritising the goal of getting A*s.”

Going to study Acting at University of Creative Arts

Carl Quilang 1 589x340

Carl Quilang

“I’ve always wanted to be a pilot from a young age. A lot of my friends didn’t really know what they wanted to do, but being a pilot has always been my dream. Being at school made me want to explore doing English though, and I applied and was offered a place to study English at University of Birmingham, which was my backup. But I passed the tests for flight school and decided to just go with it. You really live a different lifestyle through being a pilot, which appeals to me so much. You get to explore the world and travel, and you’re never in one place. The thing I’m most excited about is where you get to do flight training in Arizona, it’s going to be incredible.

Being at UoBSchool has been brilliant. I don’t think there’s anything better I could have done with the last two years. I didn’t even need to do A Levels to get in to flight school, but I’m so glad I have done them and that I chose to come to UoBSchool. I don’t think I could speak to people in the way I can now. Being at this School means you are able to go into a room – anywhere – and you just know how to connect with different sorts of people.

My advice to anyone thinking about coming to the University of Birmingham School would be to work hard but don’t take it too seriously! The way you change as a person is equally as important as your grades. Coming to the University of Birmingham School has been 100% worth it.”

Going to CAE Oxford Aviation Academy (Flight School)

Manh Le 589x340

Manh Le

“I feel really happy with my results… it’s sort of a weird feeling! You kind of hope for it but don’t really know what to expect.

The highlight of UoBSchool has been the getting so many opportunities to challenge myself and push myself and my education to a higher level. The end of year ‘Leavers’ assembly is my stand

out memory of Sixth Form. Everyone was so united at that point, we all laughed at the same jokes and there was so much warmth in the room.”

Going to study Mechanical Engineering at University of Birmingham

Demornay Osazumwa 3 589x340

Demornay Osazumwa

“I feel very happy with my results! I can’t wait to start at University of Birmingham. I’m most looking forward to campus life. The campus at University of Birmingham is so beautiful, and the atmosphere is so welcoming – it’s a place where learning is set up to happen.

This school has really helped me, it’s opened my mind to new opportunities. I feel like UoBSchool has helped me gain more confidence as a person. You get involved in so many different enrichments, you learn that you have to put yourself out there and try new things. I’ve tried all sorts… taikwondo, cooking on a budget, self defense, lacrosse. Coming to UoBSchool helps you gain perspectives on what you actually enjoy doing, and gives you experience that will be useful for the rest of your life.

Going to study Pharmacy at University of Birmingham

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