Key Dates

October 2019
Pupil Information Assembly.

November 2019
Pupils to start looking for & arranging self-arranged placements, if relevant.

January 2020
Pupils will be asked to state if they would like to be placed by school, or will arrange their own placement. Pupils asking to be placed by school will indicate their preferences for their placement.

March 2020
Pupil choices ‘locked in’ – pupils will no longer be able to change between self-arranged placements and UoBS placements.

April 2020
Pupils allocated to placements (if arranged by UoBS). Year 10 will have assembly and PLAD sessions on what to expect on work experience.

May 2020
Pupils to complete ‘pen portraits’ for their placements; short profiles to familiarise their placement leads with their interests and strengths.

Monday 29 June 2020
Pupils will attend school in business dress and will spend the day preparing for their placement. Pupils arranging their own placement may attend placement or school on Monday 29 June 2020.