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Our best results so far – A level success for students at University of Birmingham School

University of Birmingham School is celebrating its very positive A level results today, with a 98.2% pass rate – our highest pass rate to date.

More than half of our students (50.5%) achieved grades between A*- B at a time nationally where the demand of exams and assessments has been raised.

“Our Sixth Formers have worked exceptionally hard over the last two years, it’s exciting to see them accept places at a number of top Universities including a significant number securing a place at the University of Birmingham.” Mr Liam Dwyer, Assistant Vice Principal – Sixth Form.

We are very proud of all our students and wish them the very best with their future academic careers and endeavours.

Principal, Mr Colin Townsend said: “Our Sixth Form has seen an increase in the standards of results achieved by its students across a range of subjects. We are very proud to see the outcomes of our students’ hard work, focus and dedication to their education. The high expectations from our staff has helped students’ secure fantastic individual successes enabling them to grow and enter higher education and employment.”

A few individuals who really shone this year include:

  • Mahfuz Ahmed | Grades A* A* A – Studying Mathematics at University of Birmingham.
  • Dan Coates | Grades A* A A – Studying Physics at University of Nottingham.
  • Andie Kane | Grades A* A B – Studying English Language & Literature at Oxford University.
  • Bez Bovas | Grades A A B – Studying Pharmacy at University of Birmingham.
  • Priya Narga-Martin | Grades A A B – Studying Physics with Nuclear Science at University of Liverpool.
  • Josh Cartwright | Grades A A B – Studying Mechatronics & Robotics at University of Leeds.
  • Ella Sames | Grades A A B – Studying Chemistry at University of Manchester.
  • Sanjel Sadikaj | Grades A A B – Studying Computer Science at University of York.

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